Hello, I'm Savannah!


This is What I believe in. 

I believe in fresh air,  kisses by firesides and getting lost in the beauty of the outdoors. 

I believe in camping with dogs, hiking boots that go with you everywhere, climbing up rocks and soaring down powdery slopes. I believe in finding someone to do all these things with, someone who challenges the other to go the extra mile, peep over the double-black edge, and go for it

I believe in being surrounded by beautiful scenery as much as possible.  I believe in getting out of the crowd to have more room to dance at concerts, stopping to watch a flock of birds fly over, taking an extra moment to enjoy the rain. 

I also believe in couples who bring strength to one another, and inspire the other to be their ultimate bad-ass self. Couples who hold on to their independence, but will stop at nothing to be there for their partner. I believe in those who believe in love as something as fearless as any other one of life's great adventures.

I'm here to join you in your adventure and capture its rawness and its authenticity. You live and love fearlessly, and I'll be right behind with my camera in hand! 


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