Ah, weddings are the best! I've been to so many weddings and have loved every single one. For one thing, they're full of big ol' gushy love. And for another thing, they're SO much fun! I think that weddings bring out the best in people. There is so much raw emotion, not to mention stellar dance moves at the end of the night. I want to capture these moments in their most authentic state, and I try to find and capture them as vividly as possible. When you look at your wedding images, my goal is for them to clearly bring your day back to life; I want you to smell the fresh bouquet, to hear your mom laughing at your dad's toast, to feel your heart beating faster as you see your beloved for the first time before walking down the aisle.   

See my candid and vibrant style reflected in the images below, and let me know any thoughts or questions that you have. 

PS - Click the images to enlarge them and see them in all their glory!