So, what is it like to work with Me?



I LOVE with a capital L.O.V.E. capturing portraits of you and your special someone. First of all, you look as fiiiiiiine as can be. And second of all, 10, 20, 50 years from now, won’t it be fun to look back at your younger selves? You’ll show your kiddos and they’ll say, wow, mom and dad, you looked like THAT?! Of course, portraits are just the tip of the iceberg! (Click through the gallery below to see more.)


I’m here to tell your story. Your story isn’t just about the two of you, it’s about your loved ones who surround you on your big day. It’s also about those pretty little details. You know, those gorgeous flowers you picked? They were so vibrant and I want you to remember them! The lace in your dress, the polka dots on your suspenders? Yes, they seem like small bits of the bigger picture. And, they are! BUT remembering those details helps paint a fuller picture of your special day. I want to find those details and capture them for you! Of course, this won’t be my main focus, but I do believe it’s important to hold on to those special bitty bits and pieces.


Of course, what is it REALLY about?…. THE CEREMONY! I sincerely want your guests to focus on You and Your Significant Other. With that in mind, I make a very large effort to stay as fly-on-the-wall as I can throughout your ceremony. I circle around the perimeter and occasionally sneak down the aisle, but I never cross in front of anyone. I want to capture your sincere and beautiful ceremony without being a distraction. But of course, I’m going to find those shots that embody what it’s all about. The love, the laughter, the sincerity, and mostly the fact that you and your partner are there with each other. You’ll see in my pictures that the world melted away from you in that moment. You’ll look back and say, wow, I can’t believe that even happened! And you know what? It happened that way while you were so focused on the love of your life. Don't worry, leave it to me. I will be there to capture every second of it. Every, single, second. And it will be magical. And you will remember that magic forever. And so will I! It’s just as much an honor and pleasure for me to be there as it is for you to have me there capturing it.



And, where would your wedding be if it weren’t for your insanely beautiful/compassionate/weird/wild/incredible guests? Don’t you worry, I plan to capture pleeeeeeennnnnnty of pictures of them. They really fill out your story. Not only do they fill out the story of your day, but they fill out the story of the two of you. There is a reason you invited them! You love them and they love you, and it’s important to me that you remember everyone who came out to share their love with you and celebrate you. (Click through the gallery below to see more.)