A Long Time Coming

So, where to begin with this one? The stunning and loving couple? The incredible flowers provided by Sturtz and Copeland? The amount of raw and vulnerable emotion throughout the day? The couple's adorable son, little Sawyer? Oof, it's all too good!

This wedding was in January at The Falls Event Center. Originally, the wedding was to be held at Hudson Gardens. Well, Colorado had a big surprise in the form of LOTS of snow (in fact, it was in this very snow that I shot Dani and Kamron's engagement photos). The snow did some damage to the building in which the couple was originally to be married at Hudson Gardens, and they had to change their location the same exact week they had their wedding. Talk about some serious last minute changes! But Nancy and Parker were fantastic. They both took it by stride and made it happen despite having to tell 150 people to show up to a different location and change their table settings and all that jazz. Despite everything, the wedding was magnificent.

Nancy and Parker had been together through high school and became engaged after 8 years of dating. They also have the cutest son, Sawyer, who brought a whole lot of charm and smiles to everyone in attendance. During the father-of-the-bride speech, Nancy's dad presented the couple with a gift. At Nancy's high school graduation party, everyone in the room was told to write advice down on a sticky note for the new grad, and Parker's note read, "Marry Parker Coit". Good advice indeed! Nancy's dad presented it to them in a frame and the glowing smiles of the couple made it clear they'd known for a very long time that they were meant to be. 

This was a super fun and emotional wedding to attend! Check out the couple saying their vows. I was definitely crying a bit too.... Also, I loved the wigs that came out at the end of the night. A party becomes extra wild when people take on new personas. Check out one of the greatest dance parties of all time in the slideshow at the end! 

Thank you Nancy and Parker for a heck of a good time! 

Xoxo, Savannah