A Christmastime Love Story

Love love love, all you need is love! Add some Christmas spirit and a little bit of mistletoe, and you have the perfect recipe for a holiday wedding. Mariea and Jonah were married at the end of December last year, and I was so in love! It was festive and fun and there was joy to share everywhere. And, you know me, I love love. I didn't think I could love love anymore than I did. Well, I hadn't met this darling couple yet. They started as high school sweethearts and have been through so much together. The two had such a strong bond, and the way they looked at each other melted my heart. Don't tell anyone, but I was definitely shedding a tear or two during the ceremony because it was so incredible and they were so incredible. Mariea and Jonah, thank you times a million for having me to your wedding. It was a Christmas gift to all who were there!