Engagement at Roxborough State Park

They met online and went mini golfing on the first date. Nicole may or may not have won - the details seem to be a bit fuzzy. The three of us met at a Safeway outside of Roxborough State Park. We drove in together, and after a stern warning from the park ranger to stay on the designated path at all times (he was eyeing me and my camera), we proceeded to drive in. Um, how have I not known about this place the entire time I grew up in Colorado? It's absolutely stunning! And to add to it, we were here with the changing fall colors. So my favorite rocks (the red kind) paired with sunset and deep greens and sprinklings of orange leaves made for a stunning engagement setting. To top it off, Nicole and Mike were smitten and couldn't stop giggling. It was trés fun. 

Nicole and Mike, I can't wait to shoot your wedding next May when Colorado is coming back from the white of winter into vivid color once again. 

Xoxo, Savannah