Twirling Brides and Tears of Joy

So. Where do I even start with this one?

Let me see if I can paint a picture of this crazy, wonderful wedding. For starters, the poor Maid of Honor was running quite late to the wedding. Why? Her plane from New York to Colorado hit a flock of birds. The plane lost an engine and the passengers were prepped for an emergency water landing. Needless to say, it was quite the dramatic event. They were able to land at JFK, and she got the next possible plane to Colorado. Props to you, Maddie! That's true dedication, getting on a plane immediately after almost crashing on another one. What a story, right?

So with this whole event going down, Kate is trying to determine if she'd like to push the ceremony or not. Unfortunately, we're running low on daylight, and Kyle doesn't want to do photos before the ceremony because he'd like to see Kate for the first time coming down the aisle. Well, was this worth it or what?! Scroll down a bit and you'll see Kyle's incredibly sweet reaction to seeing Kate for the first time. Then, Ryan (Kate's brother who is officiating the ceremony) gets choked up as well and has to take a deep breath to start the ceremony. The ceremony was so beautiful. Check out Kate and Kyle's ginormous grins as they walk back down the aisle, now husband and wife. 

During the toasts, the mic was opened up to anyone who wished to say something to the couple. The outpouring of love was nonstop. More tears of joy! Then Kyle and Kate cut the cake with a sword. Yes, a sword. It was very comical. Next it was the first dances. More tears of joy from the onlookers! And to end the night was one of the funnest dance parties I've been to in a while. I absolutely love a crowd that is down to get down. Kate and Kyle danced their butts off and shared nothing but pure love with each other and their guests. 

Oh, by the way, let me top this all off. Kate and Kyle planned this wedding in one month. One month people! Definitely the record for anyone I've worked with. They pulled off a doozy of a wedding, especially with such crazy time constraints. And perhaps what made it work most of all was their flexibility with everything. What mattered most to them was becoming husband and wife. Everything else was secondary. They also had luck in their favor - Wedgewood Weddings Boulder Creek happened to have their date available, and other vendors such as myself happened to have the date available. Thank goodness! 

I loved photographing your wedding, Kate and Kyle. Thanks for having me! What an incredibly joyful affair! 



By the way, Kate loves twirling. That is my kinda bride! <3

Do you see those grins? How cute! The happiest those two have ever been I would say! And below? Maddie finally arrives after her plane debacle and after the ceremony. Kate is overjoyed to have her Maid of Honor with her at last.