Spring (and love) is in the air!

I had the best time with Sarah and Jack last weekend. Talk about sweet and easy-going! The air feels lighter in their presence (well, it is also spring, but still!). They are always smiling (I seriously mean always), and they put anyone and everyone around them at ease. Not only were they lovely, but their bridal party and family and guests were as well. More than once during the evening, different members of the bridal party checked in with me to see if I needed anything. It was incredibly sweet. I was like, I'm ok, but do you need anything? After all, I'm here to work, and everyone else is here to relax and have a special time. Some memorable moments included Sarah's dad's speech. He pulled out a huge binder and started reading through it, page by page. Of course, he didn't actually have a speech that required that much room, but it was hilarious nonetheless. The best man, Will, gave a heart-warming speech about the groom including the fact that if he could be any other person in the world, it would be Jack. The bridesmaids Kim, Mishal, and Lauren gave a beautiful collective speech filled with funny memories and deep love for Sarah. Later that evening, Jack showed the little ones in attendance some killer dance moves. There was also limbo (under human ties, I might add. You'll have to scroll down to see what I'm talking about), the cutest photo bomber ever, and a black bear. Needless to say, it was an eventful and very memorable wedding. Sarah and Jack, I love your light-hearted natures and deep commitment to one another. It was an absolute pleasure to join you on the loveliest spring day. Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your wedding!