But wherever shall we do engagement photos?

Don't despair, for I (Savannah!) am here! I have lots of fun suggestions below, or if nothing suits your taste, we can work together to find the perfect location. When you think about it, somewhere pretty is nice. BUT somewhere pretty that means something to you is an even bigger bonus. For example, do you and your partner love to get outdoors every chance you get? We're in Colorado, there are endless options for that. Or perhaps you both enjoy the arts? Why not find yourselves in RiNo or the Santa Fe Arts District? Do you and your partner love coffee dates? Let's go shoot some photos in a cute little coffee shop somewhere. See what I'm getting at? The world is your oyster, and I am game to go anywhere. What are we waiting for???

Union Station




Chatfield State Park


Washington Park


Roxborough State Park


Castlewood Canyon State Park


South Mesa Trailhead


Chautauqua trailhead


Mt. Sanitas


Chautauqua Auditoriom


Settler's Park


Or, how about the Botanical Gardens?

Or Cheeseman Park?

Overlook Gulch, maybe?

Lookout Mountain?

Perhaps Pearl Street Mall?

Red Rocks?!

Maybe Hudson Gardens?

Ooh, Rocky Mountain National Park?

Arches National Park?

Joshua Tree?!?

The Moon?????

Honestly, the options are endless. Hopefully these ideas provide some inspiration! Feel free to reach out if you have questions about any or would like more ideas. I cannot wait to get started with you!