Extra Special California Love

I have been super busy as of late working through a heavy load of weddings and other things, so I haven't had a lot of time for blogging and social media. However, I feel motivated to share this wedding because it's close to the heart and so special. 

Allison and Hunter were married on a beautiful day in the San Francisco bay area at a really cool place called CuriOdyssey located on the beautiful Coyote Point. They were engaged last year but met in college and had been dating for some 7+ years. I was fortunate to witness some of that relationship grow as I went to college with them and was in a co-ed professional film fraternity with them. DKA has produced some super special relationships and united some awesome people, and Allison and Hunter are no exception. When they were engaged last year, I reached out hoping to possibly photograph their big day. At the time, I'd just started my photography business and my journey was still super fresh. They were kind enough to say, heck yes, come photograph our wedding! even though my portfolio was smaller and my experience limited. 

This weekend was an incredibly special event. The two of them are some of the coolest people I know. Both are incredibly talented and smart and creative and goofy af. They were 100(million)% destined to be together. Allison and Hunter, thank you SO much for including me in your wedding and putting your trust into me. I was thrilled to see you two tie the knot. It is clear the love that your friends and family have for you. I know I speak for everyone when I say that the ceremony, toasts, and your first dance brought me so many little happy tears. It was a delight! 

Many special wishes to such an incredible duo! 



PS - Click any image to enlarge! 

PS - The epic bouquet as well as all of the decor was made by the talented Ms. Allison herself. WOW! I know who I'm calling when/if I get married...