Magic in Rocky Mountain National Park

Caitlyn and Jeff are getting married later this year in Estes Park. So, it only seemed fitting to make the trip to Rocky Mountain National Park to shoot engagement photos in some winter scenery. These two braved the cold and icy wind to get some epic shots. And oh how worth it it was!!! You’ll see why below.

We were lucky to have a mix of lighting when we met. This is Colorado which means it’s always a mystery what the weather will be. And no matter how much planning you put into it, it feels like Mother Nature always has her own plans. In this case, her plans were absolutely awesome. We received dynamic light and movement from the wind, and to top it off, Caitlyn and Jeff worked through the cold like total champs. Sometimes the weather can even help in posing! These two needed to cuddle up to stay warm which made for some cozy photos. Thanks Nature, I owe ya one! Also, on top of fantastic wardrobe choices, look at Caitlyn’s flowing tresses of a gorgeous red. Aren’t these two such a photogenic duo? This was such a fun shoot! We all laughed and shivered and had a blast.

Jeff and Caitlyn, I am so excited to photograph your wedding in October when the weather will (hopefully?!) be warmer. Thank you for your never-ending patience in the freezing temperatures to get some fantastic images!


PS To all my lovebirds and the rest of you cool cats, don’t forget this wonderful fact from the movie Up - Adventure is Out There!