Wedding in a Winter Wonderland

What can I say about Vanessa and Peter? They are SO fun, SO goofy, and have the best kind of love. They speak to each other without words and just know what the other is thinking. I was so excited to be able to join them at their winter wedding this past January. It was such an incredible day!

When I arrived at The Warwick Hotel, I found the guys sharing stories and getting ready together. Fortunately for Peter, his best man was on hand to help him blow dry his hair just right. In the ladies room, I found Vanessa’s dress and accessories. Everything was gorgeous, BUT, oh my goodness, I’ve never seen such fancy, bling-filled shoes. They were covered ALL over in rhinestones and were just my type. I love anything that sparkles, and these shoes were the epitome of that. I like sparkle just as much as I like grit and mud and outdoors. It’s all exciting to me!

Before they got married, Vanessa and Peter met for a “first look” with only Vanessa seeing Peter, and Peter not seeing Vanessa. They held each other and took each other in before going to the wedding. I love things like this! A first look doesn’t mean you need to see your significant other, necessarily. It can mean holding hands around the corner from one another, or exchanging letters, or blindfolding one and not the other. No matter the case, it’s a wonderful way to iron out any wedding jitters before the ceremony because you get to remember why you’re there. You are there to marry the love of your life, and everything else just melts into the background.

After the ceremony and portraits in City Park across the street, this adorable duo took a horse and carriage to their reception. It felt magical like it was straight from a fairytale. And, speaking of fairytales, there were other cute details in throughout the day. They had a wedding cake with a cake topper from the movie Up with the quote, Adventure Is Out There! One of my favorite quotes and movies of all time! Their guests signed a board with the house from Up as well. There were other Disney themes throughout the reception. A complete IRL fairytale!

Thank you two SO MUCH! I can say without a doubt that I was so happy to be a part of your beautiful day, and I loved sharing a few laughs and good times as the day went on. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you both!

Xoxo, Savannah